Sound Installation "THE POOL" in City Sonic 2009



“One of the most fascinating things about electric music is that daily objects can be used to generate astonishing acoustics.” That was the interpretation that two amateur garden-swimmers, sub-tle. and miu fell for. Later they brought their musical interface, the swimming pool to the 14th century tower in Mons, Tour Valenciennoise, with certainty. The installation ‘the pool’ is an open incubator bringing up the cascade reaction of the water and sound behavior. Continuously new audio textures are coaxed from the information generated by the vibrating water surface, and they feedback, oscillate the water, metamorphose into next form in the chain reaction. In the chamber, a melody arises and disappears, the harmony blooms and dies corresponding to the motion of water, as two japanese transmedia artists also work with the following interpretation, thus, “One of the most fascinating things in every aspects, is to encounter, something never recur.”

/// EN ///

From 25th June until 25th July, the sound installation “the pool” by sub-tle.+ miu will be presented at the international sound art festival “City Sonics 2009” in Mons (Belgium).

Their altered swimming pool works as an autonomic musical interface to generate the audio texture from water’s behavour, and continuously updates the soundscape inside the 14th century tower, Tour Valenciennoise, during the festival.

25th June 2009 / 21:00~ sub-tle. will perform on the opening of the festival “City Sonic 2009”.

/// JP ///

ベルギー、モンスのサウンドアートフェスティバル「City Sonics 2009」にて6月25日から1ヶ月間、14世紀に建造された要塞、Tour Valenciennoiseに於いて、sub-tle. + miuのサウンドインスタレーションが展開されます。


6月25日 21:00~ 「City Sonics 2009」 フェスティバルのオープニングとして sub-tle. (サヴトレ) のライブパフォーマンスも予定されています。

city sonic 2009