Singing Daxophone

Kazuhisa Uchihashi / 2021

release : 22.11.2021 from Innocent Records (distributed by bridge) Mastering by satoshi okamoto [sub-tle.] + Uwe Haas

Concepting for 10 years, Recoding for 100 days, physical experiencing will be Uncountable! The second release in the series of albums, “Singing Daxophone” is coming after “Talking Daxophone”, using only multiple recordings of daxophone; the great invention by Hans Reichel.
The daxophone sings its way through a selection of killer tunes! 100% only Daxophone! 
The cutest cover was drawn by Tetsu Kayama.
Subscribe and Analog version will be coming up soon but later.

構想10年 録音100日 再生回数 ∞ !!!!!
奇才ハンス・ライヒェルの発明楽器、ダクソフォン多重録音のみによるアルバム・シリーズ第二弾!! 「Talking Daxophone」に続いてその名も「Singing Daxophone」は、誰もが口ずさむ世界の名曲の数々をダクソフォンが口ずさむ、それはあたかもアカペラのよう。珠玉のキラーチューンの数々を、ダクソフォンが軽やかに唄いあげます。ジャケットは気鋭、香山哲画伯による描き下ろし! 抱腹絶倒、軽妙洒脱、空前絶後、魑魅魍魎! アナログ盤も発売予定。

All Singing by Daxophone

Daxophone Performed by Kazuhisa Uchihashi
Recorded and Mixed by Kazuhisa Uchihashi, 2019-2021
Mastered by satoshi okamoto [sub-tle.] + Uwe Haas at Tonstudio Haas in Berlin on 12th Oct. 2021
Illustration by Tetsu Kayama
Art Direction by Kaé U.
Produced by me and her.   

uchihashi uses DOMON cable  

Special Thanks : Hans Reichel, Yuriko Kayama, Richard Scott, Kanon, and Silvia Fässler