Mohammad Reza Mortazavi / 2022

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released on 04.02.2022 from Flowfish

Recording support + Mixing by Satoshi Okamoto [sub-tle.]
Mastering by Satoshi Okamoto + Uwe Haas

“Prisma is a shared experience with itself. Music was and is what I learn from. With Prisma I have made the experience of being one with the many. The album was created in a challenging phase of life for me.”

In “PRISMA”, individual musical movements by Mortazavi combine into several tracks and finally into a circulating whole. It is Mortazavi’s second multi-track album after “Departure,” which was released in 2003. In the musical experience of playing solo and in encounter with listeners, Mortazavi noticed that different levels of his perception want to find each other. Until now, he focused on one point, articulating this desire for complexity with his hands. The album that Mortazavi has now recorded in his studio can be understood as an attentive dialogue between listening to and playing music: in the process of creating the album, Mortazavi devoted himself to his musical longing with ever new ears in order to interweave sensitive ideas in a versatile way. Prisma is the first album on which Mortazavi sings and uses other instruments: from his child’s toys, such as a bird whistle, a small marimba and a kalimba to his father’s zither, to small cymbals and other sounding metal objects. In the process, Mortazavi also creates sounds with his mouth that remind us of playing a ney or a trumpet. He had previously only made his voice sound for projects with dance theaters or the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen. The results are warm and versatile sound sculptures that create a musical intimacy, telling many things without searching for words.