felder Interventions – v.a. – installation

jan st. werner

Felder Interventions - Various Artists

Installation / 2016
For the album “Felder” by Jan St. Werner from Thrill Jockey

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Felder Intervention #12 by satoshi okamoto [sub-tle.]

360° sound system which has optically / physically reflected by Tokyo skyscrapers.
Jan St. Werner’s ‘Felder’ sounds has reverberated in the middle of Tokyo.

Felder Intervention #13 by kiyasu [TechnikLAB*]

Birds singing, lake waves beating the shore, boat & airplane’s flange noise panning, fishes jump up and water splash around, children throw the stones which leaving widening rings on the water —and Felder sound draw the subtle sound ripple on the water. A miracle Felder moment. audio supported by satoshi okamoto [sub-tle.]

“Felder” means “fields” in German, referring here to “unstable territories, radiation, musical situations without distinct boundaries happening simultaneously but not necessarily synced.” It was possible to interpret Felder without using any of the original material. The rework could be played by a brass band or read as a story. It could also be a collaborative performance or an electronic playback piece for a radio station or a sound installation in a gallery or someone’s living room. Whether the installation was about sound, light or words was up to the invited artists.

Felder Interventions featured:
A Hawk and a Hacksaw
Paul McDewitt
Kevin Schmidt
Olivia Block
Jan St. Werner
Stefan Streich
Ensemble neoN
Kid Millions
Frank Dommert
Andy Graydon
Satoshi Okamoto [sub-tle.]
Kiyasu [TechnikLAB*]
Daniel Wohl
Paul Collins
Tom Gluibizzi
Jeremy Bible
Katarina Miljkovic with Chris Watford & Aaron Likness