eternal return / op.1 wonderful world

acci baba

'eternal return' / op.1 wonderful world

1:00 min, color, stereo / Video Installation Artwork / 2018

film & artwork: Acci Baba
sound design & music remaster: sub-tle.

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Original music: ‘what a wonderful world’
M & T: Bob Jr. Thiele & George Weiss
© Range Road Music Inc. / Imagem Music GmbH /
Warner-Chappell Music Germany GmbH

‘eternal return / op.1 wonderful world’ is an experimental film work, provoking a sense of obligation for the time being. Center to the work is an installation artwork of an Ape represented as an AI, indicating our biological and technological development. Along with the symbolic metaphor, the title pays a homage toward the philosophical theory of recurrence to navigate the imagination into an unbounded perception.

The Ape is based on a single photograph, applying a facial mapping animation to express the detailed emotions. The vocal was recorded using the artist’s voice, delivering the message in a melodious narrative. The combined output has been programmed to play continuously through a single-board computer, connected to a CRT-TV. The song were chosen from the third verse of ‘what a wonderful world’, that captures a moment of empathy in one’s life, where richness of humanity takes place.

I hear babies cry, I watch them grow,
They’ll learn much more than I’ll never know,
And I think to myself what a wonderful world…
Yes I think to myself what a wonderful world.

By establishing a contradiction of an AI Ape singing this humanly verse, the artist extends the imagination into a sense-of-feeling inside a man-made intelligence. What is it to feel? What is life? What are the values toward life? The screenplay engages with the viewers to reflect their thoughts over the future scenario, concluding with the furthermost point; what is our wonderful world?

As our technological development accelerates exponentially, the ethics of the individual and society will require an adaptation towards something we never know. The artwork connects the historical symbolism (of Ape), modern materialism (of AI) with a philosophical phrases (of Mankind), to question the zeitgeist in these times of rapidly shifting paradigms.