aine wie keine

aine / 2023

aine’s 1st mini album released on 2023
Produced by Satoshi Okamoto [sub-tle.]

1. interlude

2. manima

3. wie keine

4. af5

5. abreise w/R.P.

all music & lyrics, vocal, drums, cover art work :
production, arrangements, recording, mixing, mastering :
guitar :
keyboard :
bass :
voice :
recording :
mastering :
cover design :

aine fujioka
satoshi okamoto [sub-tle.]
ben barritt
adebambo akinwale
hannes hüfken
immo hofmann
uwe haas
miyuki yamamoto

aine is no one, yet someone special like no one else.

This is her first project as a leader performing her own work.

aine’s music is both a reflection of the self and everyone else that resonates and embraces your heart beyond genre, gender and language.

As a drummer she has spent the majority of her career as a side musician in the funk and blues scene primarily in the US and Germany.