Distant Closure Fills The Void – Trailer Ⅱ

remixed, rearranged + mastered by satoshi okamoto [ sub-tle. ]

‘Drowned’ by Alexander Muell

Release date : 14th July 2022

Berlin based artist/composer/producer
Alexander Muell will release the new track
‘Distant Closure Fills The Void’ by sub-tle. .


‘Drowned’ is the track from Alexander in the album ‘Atem’
which had been released on 2019.
This headline track keep continuously growing by
reinterpretation from the artists –


In 2020, the 1st Remix ‘Drowned Sink Again’ from
Alan Moulder (Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, Suede, etc),
Tom Herbert (Polar Bear)
and Caesar Edmunds (RIDE, PJ Harvey etc)
was released.


And on 14th July 2022,
the 2nd Remix as sub-tle.’s reinterpretation of the song ‘Drowned’ will follow and expand this song’s view further.


This new release ‘Distant Closure Fills The Void’ is constructed with processive approach in introspective manner
– the aspect of bygone days, the things that had been there.

ベルリンを拠点とするアーティスト/作曲家/プロデューサー Alexander Muell が、
自身の楽曲 ‘Drowned’ のリミックス
sub-tle. ‘Distant Closure Fills The Void’ をリリース。


アルバム ‘Atem’(2019)に収録されている ‘Drowned’ は
Alan Moulder(Nine Inch Nails, The Killers, Suede, etc)
Tom Herbert(Polar Bear)
Caesar Edmunds(RIDE, PJ Harvey etc)
らによる 第一弾リミックス ‘Drowned Sink Again’ がリリースされている。


‘Distant Closure Fills The Void’ が発表された。