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////////// upcoming exhibition / theater
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Düsseldorf, Germany 20:00 - > info
  Japan Connection
w: Hiroyuki Murase & Gia Edzgveradze
>>> event detail  
16.May.2014 @ FFT Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf, Germany 20:45 - > info
  Nippon Performance Night

w: miu / TORI KUDO & MAHER SHALAL HASH BAZ / Yusuke Kimura / Chikashi Miyama
>>> event detail  
05.Mar.2014 @ KYOTO METRO
Kyoto, Japan 20:30 - > info
  Red Bull Music Academy presents
“night cruising”

w: Mark Fell aka SND(from UK)/
NHK yx Koyxen / Marihiko Hara
Selector:AOKI takamasa / Tatsuya Shimada(night cruising)
>>> event detail  
11.Mar.2014 @ DOMMUNE
Tokyo, Japan 19:00 - > info
  “onpa))))) Presents BROADJ♯1202~05″

w: Junya Oikawa / Junichi Akagawa / kyoka / Tukico
>>> event detail  
13.Mar.2014 @ AOYAMA Tsukimiru Kimi Omou
Tokyo, Japan 19:00 - > info
  sub-tle. TOKYO ⇔BERLIN “Die Brücke” supported by onpa)))))

w: Open Reel Emsemble / No.9 Orchestra
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14.Mar.2014 @ ROPPONGI Shinsekai Tokyo, Japan 20:00 - > info
  sub-tle. Japan tour
“Die neue Welt”

DJ : Michiharu Shimoda (Silent Poets)
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14.Oct.2013 PATHS TO RECREATION Shibuya - Tokyo, Japan   > details
08.Oct.2011 KUNSTHALLE DÜSSELDORF Düsseldorf, Germany 20:00 - > details
23.Apr.2010 HBC Berlin, Germany 22:00- > details
01.Apr.2010 Intersoup Berlin, Germany   > details
23.Mar.2010 Eschschloraque Berlin, Germany > details
01.Mar.2010 Madame Claude Berlin, Germany   > details
25.Jun.2009 City Sonics International sound art festival Mons, Belgium > details
08.Nov.2008 HI hotel Nice, France    
06.Nov.2008 HI hotel Nice, France    
27 Sep.2008 electronic night / ZAKK Düsseldorf, Germany    
13 Sep.2008 PANE E TULIPANI Hamburg, Germany    
06.Sep.2008 Kunsthaus Rhenania Köln, Germany    
14.Jun.2008 ROTTSTR 5 Bochum, Germany    
11.July.2008 Salon des Amateurs Düsseldorf, Germany    
30.May.2008 General Public Berlin, Germany    
19.May.2008 SUNSUI Osaka, Japan    
14.May.2008 BASSMENT BAR Tokyo, Japan    
23.Apr.2008 OPEN SOURCE FESTIVAL Düsseldorf, Germany    
06.Apr.2008 La Filature Brussels, Belgium    
04.Apr.2008 back-raum im CON-SUM Düsseldorf, Germany    
05.May.2007 paristokyopempelfort™ [s_o + MIU] Düsseldorf, Germany    
07.May.2006 Tanzhaus nrw. Düsseldorf, Germany    
06.May.2006 Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, Germany    
27.Nov.2004 Kunstencentrum BELGIE Hasselt, Belgium    
26.Nov.2004 Kunstencentrum BELGIE Hasselt, Belgium    
18.Nov.2004 RECYCLART Brussels, Belgium    
13.Nov.2004 VAD festival Girona, Spain    
11.Nov.2004 photon Brussels, Belgium    
11.Sep.2004 Finesouris Brussels, Belgium    
11.Sep.2004 op'L plaza Brussels, Belgium    
22.May.2004 internationales Bochumer videofestival Bochem, Germany    
31.Dec.2003 Tanzhaus nrw Düsseldorf, Germany    
22.Nov.2003 Kunst im Hafen E.V. Düsseldorf, Germany    
11.Oct.2003 Galerie Revolver Düsseldorf, Germany    
////////// past exhibitions / theater
2011 / 2012 - " Die vier Himmelsrichtungen " Deutsches Theater Berlin, Germany > details
sound installation /// 25.June - 25.July.2009
City Sonics International sound art festival Mons, Belgium > details
for mihoko ogaki --- sound : sub-tle.
2006 "vor dem anfang - nach dem ende" - Galerie Voss Düsseldorf, Germany
  "Ich und Ich" - Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf, Germany
  "Merry go down" - tanzhaus NRW Düsseldorf, Germany
  "10. internationale Kunstausstellung"  
  - Foundation of Arts and Culture / Stadtsparkasse Magdeburg Magdeburg , Germany
2004 "Japanimprove: The Ramyun Soup Connection" Hasselt , Belgium
  - Kunstencentrum BELGIE  
  "Haunted Folklore" - Recyclart Brussels, Belgium
2003 "Beautiful Dreamer" - tanzhaus nrw
Düsseldorf, Germany
  "Große Kunstausstellung NRW" - Museum Kunstpalast Düsseldorf, Germany
  "AAP / Asian Art Power" - Galerie Revolver Düsseldorf, Germany
  "57. Bergische Kunstausstellung" - Museum Baden Solingen, Germany
  "Internationales Bochumer Video Festival 13th" Bochum , Germany
  "Trailershow" Galerie Schoen, Bochum , Germany
for Lee Tzu-Hsun --- sound : sub-tle.
2007 "Animamix Biennial – From Modernty to Eternity"  
  / Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai, China
2006 "An ongoing mechanical conversation" / Lab of Original Art Köln, Germany
2004 "Mystery of the Glass Beads Game" Eslite Gallery Taipei, Taiwan
  "Fiction ‧ Love - Ultra New Vision in Contemporary Art"  
  / Museum of Contemporary Art Taipei, Taiwan